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image_2_small.jpg (9746 bytes)The heritage of Canada as a nation is inextricably interwoven with the growth and development of a diverse spectrum of Canadian enterprises. From the small family business to the large multi-national corporation, Canada, today, has largely been built on the foundations laid by a broad range of private as well as public institutions.

Corporations, health and social services, non-profit and multicultural organizations, and educational institutions have all played a major role in giving Canada its well-deserved international reputation as image_3_small.jpg (10937 bytes)a most desirable country in which to live. Stories of struggle, survival, and success — the broad diversity of Canadian industry is reflected in these historical profiles.

It should not be surprising that the Canadian business community is thus involved in the promotion of our heritage, culture, and history. As we embark on a new Millennium we join hands with these enterprises in order to further our country's identity as a land determined to play a meaningful and leading role in the community of nations.

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