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The Canadas: 20th Century
1904 Ontario Map Map of the Province of Ontario, 1904, including the "New Ontario" that encompassed the fast advancing Northern Ontario.
ID #20369
Canada's Physical Divisions A pre-1949 map showing the main physical divisions of Canada.
ID #10002
St. Lawrence Seaway A commemorative Canadian postage stamp issued in 1984 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway.
ID #23042

Cities, Towns & Forts: 17th & 18th Centuries
Attack on Quebec City Plan of the failed 1690 attack on Quebec City, commanded by Governor Frontenac, by New England troops.
ID #20665
Fort Detroit, 1749 An early sketch of the French fort at Detroit, 1749, on the narrows of the riverway which links Lake Erie and the Upper Great Lakes.
ID #10123
Halifax, 1750 The site of Halifax, the new capital of Nova Scotia, 1750, with a (considerably embellished) map showing the harbour, defended townsite and Bedford Basin.
ID #10140
Early City Plans Plans of Louisbourg, Quebec, and Halifax, 1756.
ID #21990
Fort Frontenac A rough French sketch of Fort Frontenac, taken by the British in August, 1758, at what is now Kingston, showing the Cataraqui River at its meeting with Lake Ontario, where the fort was set.
ID #10151
Map of Quebec Map of Quebec and environs during the Siege of Quebec, which fell to the British in September, 1759.
ID #20266
Plan of Toronto Plan of Toronto Harbour with the proposed town and part of the settlement, 1788.
ID #20270
Township of Niagara Map of the Township of Niagara, Ontario, 1792. An agreement with the Mississauga Indians first opened up this land to settlement, and an early survey in 1783 showed more than 800 Loyalist settlers.
ID #20278
Castle Frank Plan showing the original Castle Frank, York, Upper Canada. Constructed in 1793-1794, it was the summer home of Upper Canada's Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe.
ID #20295
New Amsterdam Early map and depiction of New Amsterdam.
ID #21814
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