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Detroit Surrender General Hull, considering surrender at Detroit, August 1812, during the War of 1812 when American forces surrendered to General Isaac Brock.
ID #10256

Sieur d'Iberville Sieur d'Iberville won naval victories for France, took many English forts in North America, discovered the mouth of the Mississippi by sea, established New Orleans, and was the first Governor of Louisiana in 1704.
ID #10112
Sieur d'Iberville in Attack Sieur d'Iberville leading an attack on an English post, having taken English forts from Hudson Bay to Acadian and Newfoundland.
ID #10110

l'Incarnation, Mother Marie de
Mother Marie de l'Incarnation Mother Marie de l'Incarnation, the founder and first superior of the Ursuline Convent at Quebec, 1639-1672, who educated children and wrote catechisms in Huron and Algonquian.
ID #10125

The Treasury Board The Treasury board of the Dominion Government, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
ID #21871

Jackson, A.Y.
A.Y. Jackson A.Y. Jackson, in older years, seen here with one of his characteristic works in his own studio.
ID #20898

Jarvis, William
William Jarvis William Jarvis (1756-1817), officer in the Queen's Rangers, served in the Revolutionary War, member of the Family Compact, and Provincial Secretary of Upper Canada from 1791 until his death.
ID #20093

Johnson, Daniel
Constitutional Conference Daniel Johnson and Trudeau at the Federal-Provincial Constitutional Conference, Ottawa, 1968.
ID #21900

Johnson, L.B.
Two Leaders Canadian Prime Minister Pearson and American President Lyndon Johnson.
ID #21021
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