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King, William Lyon Mackenzie
W.L. Mackenzie King William Lyon Mackenzie King (1874-1950) was born in Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario, educated at Toronto, Chicago and Harvard, was federal member of parliament 1908-1911, Liberal leader in 1919 and Prime Minister in 1921.
ID #20876
W.L. Mackenzie King W.L. Mackenzie King attending the Liberal Convention of August, 1919.
ID #20872
Mackenzie King Mackenzie King, Canadian Prime Minister, 1921-1930 and 1935-1948, greeting a young constituent in the early 1920s.
ID #20184
Mackenzie King Mackenzie King at the League of Nations at Geneva.
ID #20893
External Office The Canadian External Office in Washington, 1927, with the British Ambassador, Sir Erne Howard on the left, Mackenzie King in the centre, and Vincent Massey, first Canadian appointee to Washington, on the right.
ID #20896
Depression Leaders Prime Minister Mackenzie King with Ontario Premier Mitchell Hepburn in Toronto in a Depression-era meeting.
ID #20917
King and Roosevelt Prime Minister King and President Roosevelt, 1936, at a meeting in Quebec.
ID #20923
Conscription Plebiscite Prime Minister Mackenzie King presents his personal vote in the national plebiscite on conscription, April, 1942.
ID #20961
Andrew McNaughton General Andrew McNaughton (1887-1966), pictured here with King, commanded the Canadian Corps artillery in World War I, was Chief of General Staff in Ottawa, 1929-1935, and by 1942 commanded the Canadian Army in the U.K.
ID #20964
Mackenzie King Prime Minister Mackenzie King addressing the San Francisco Conference in June, 1945, helping to establish the Charter of the United Nations.
ID #20970
Dominion-Provincial Conference The provincial premiers listen to Prime Minister Mackenzie King in the House of Commons with Mitchell Hepburn at King's right. January, 1941.
ID #20971
Mackenzie King Prime Minister Mackenzie King at a post-war conference in Paris, 1946, presenting Canada's peacetime hopes to European diplomats.
ID #20980
Louis St. Laurent Louis St. Laurent (1882-1973), a distinguished lawyer from Quebec, became federal Justice Minister in 1941, then External Affairs Minister, and finally Prime Minister in 1948.
ID #20965
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