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Farmhouses & Homesteads
Loyalist Farm Essential domestic work on an emerging Loyalist farm in early Upper Canada: carding wool from sheep, spinning thread, weaving cloth for garments, hauling firewood, and serving tea.
ID #10204
Pre-Chatham, 1795 A bush farm near where Chatham would appear amid southwestern Ontario woodlands, c. 1795.
ID #10205
Upper Canada Farm A settled farm in Upper Canada in the early 19th century, with a square-timber house, a barn and a bridge, along with fenced fields and a hay crop.
ID #10234
Habitants at Cards A house scene of Canadien habitants playing cards, in a later view by the famed Cornelius Krieghoff, in a close family farmhouse.
ID #10120
Frontier Farm A Lower Canada rugged frontier farm in winter, further inland from the St. Lawrence River.
ID #10209
Farm and Home Farm and home of immigrant farmer in Tamping Lake District, Saskatchewan, 1907.
ID #21852
Norwood Farm A farm scene at Norwood, Ontario, 1923.
ID #21669
Shield Homestead Homestead, Canadian shield, late 19th century.
ID #20236
Vaughan Farm House Early photo of a farm house in Vaughan township, York County, Upper Canada. By the mid 19th century, many farms had well-fenced grain fields and pastures with a substantial farmhouse.
ID #20335
Manitoba Farmstead Portraying the prairie home of established grain-farming setters, this Manitoba farmstead dates from c. 1939. Colour woodcut by Walter Joseph Phillips (1884-1963).
ID #23242
Langton Homestead The Langton homestead, Blythe, Ontario, 1948. It was developed by John Langton, a noted official as provincial Auditor-General.
ID #20318
Bell Homestead A front view of the Bell Homestead, Brantford, Ontario.
ID #23140
Winter Farming An early farm house, rail fence and barns blanketed in snow.
ID #23091
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